Poem: Astonished Moment

A peek at that concern we all share, that the metaphysical rug will be pulled from under us unexpectedly.

Astonished Moment

Death is the flag
around which no one rallies
A closed circle, once a man
and twice a child
Life is after all a fatal disease,
with no cure in sight
Some just getting on with it
quicker than others

It’s a reasonable expectation,
this dimming of lights
A time in one’s eighties or nineties
to turn in a passport,
hoping the switch will not be pulled
in mid-step,
astonishing ourselves
at the sudden darkness

So if I’m caught a continent away
in an astonished moment
Then know how much I loved you,
each of you, all of you
That another letter lies half written,
meant for morning
And there probably is postage due,
along with so much more
Poetry Collection: The Smell of Tweed and Tobacco
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