Poem: Waiting For a Lifetime

Yeah, it's true . . . most of life is waiting.

Waiting For a Lifetime

Waiting for a diaper, when things are helpless
for a bottle in the giddy giggling time
for my mom to come and tuck me in
    for my friends, to talk into the dark
    for my dog, when he was lost and I was scared

For puberty and hair, where hair’s supposed to be
    for adolescence, not knowing what it is
    for a date, that wouldn’t keep me on the edge
    for adolescence to get over, will it ever?
    for someone to tell me it’ll be okay, someday

For a job, that’s half as good as Charlie’s
for friends to call, finding the phone is off the hook
    for someone to love, anyone with breasts will do
    for marriage to take away my loneliness
    for divorce to take everything that’s left

For the end of the month, this one’s been a bitch
    for the first of the next, to see if things smooth out
    for the last car payment they never seem to end
    for the next new car, another payment book
    for happiness, knowing it’s not a time or place

For understanding, the real thing for the real me
    for quiet time, so I can get a handle on it all
    for life to explain itself somehow
    for death, it needs no explanation
Poetry Collection: The Smell of Tweed and Tobacco
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